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Our Mission

The Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to promote the practice and acceptance of the Kreiger-Kunz Therapeutic Touch® method and to assure the public of the quality of the treatment given by its members.

Our Goals

The TTNQ aspires to give access and to promote public awareness of Therapeutic Touch in Hospitals, Palliative Care Centres, Hospices and Senior Residences.

In addition, members are given an opportunity to maintain their skills by providing training, workshops and practice groups.

Our History

During the end of the XXth century, a small group of devoted persons came to the conclusion that to promote TT in Quebec a separate entity should be created. Until then the TTNO was responsible for all.

In 2005, the TTNQ joined the other provincial associations to participate in the Therapeutic Touch Network of Canada -TTNC.

Summer of 2011, Therapeutic Touch is a registered Trademark, as well as the French version “Toucher thérapeutique”


We in Therapeutic Touch sometimes forget that we can, and should, be our own best client. I suffer from a very advanced case of spinal arthritis. Until TT came into my life, I feasted on the strongest Tylenol I could find to supplement the prescribed slow-release morphine derivative I take every morning. I am now my own best client. I self treat at least two or three times a day and no longer know where the Tylenol bottle is.A brief Therapeutic Touch self treatment, lasting only a few minutes, alleviates all arthritic pain, and the relief lasts for hours at a time. I now use TT for headaches also, and to my utter amazement the strength of the slow release morphine has been reduced to 40% of my pre-Therapeutic Touch dosage. Don’t’ forget to heal thyself!     Fred Lawson (2021)

What an opportunity to come across this wonderful book ~ Be Your Own Healer – Self Care with Therapeutic Touch by Crystal Hawk & Alison Cooke.  In these “new normal” times, 15 minutes a day is all I needed to help speed the healing of radiology treatments for prostate cancer. The doctors and their team did a major part but every day for 25 treatments of the hospital, I would use the clear steps outlined to add self-care with Therapeutic Touch healing and recover faster. No pain, no anxiety and the medical team often had to nudge me out of my relaxed state. Months later, I still read the book over and over to infuse the process in my 75-year-old mind so it becomes a daily “15 minute Self-Care Healing Way of Living.”
I highly recommend the book and the videos.   Leo Gregory (2021)

My experience with Therapeutic Touch has been an amazing one. I feel I have found my tribe. I am not someone who is new to alternative healing. I have done many other modalities in the past. I owe my experience to my good friend Krystal, for she is the one who found the class of TT level one and Irma Bubolic who was the teacher.
Irma’s knowledge and wisdom is so expansive, she is kind, loving and a patient teacher. The way she runs her classes are so much fun and educational.
I am always looking forward to the practice day, when we all get together to talk , share and practice TT. What I love most about TT, as a modality is one only needs a maximum of 20 minutes to feel the benefits right away.
I have personally experienced TT as a client as well. I used to have extreme anxiety about flying and traffic. I received TT session’s from Irma before I had to take a plane. When I got on the plane I was ok, instead of feeling anxious and panicking I felt calm and relaxed, so much I look forward to the next time I have to fly. Now when I am stuck in traffic I no longer feel trapped and anxious.
I would like to thank the founding mother’s for creating TT modality. I would also like to thank the organization of TTNQ, all the amazing teachers and practitioners. And last but not least Irma Bubolic for your amazing work and getting me on the plane and everything you have taught me!!!
Sincerely  ~ Daina Bokor

I thank the universe to have such a practical tool as Therapeutic Touch in my life!  You carry it with you wherever you go.  When I was at the Hospital in July 2020 for 2 broken bones (tibia and fibula) of my left foot, I practiced TT after the surgery. It helped reduce the pain and also to reduce the medications (pain-killer) I was given.  On many occasions, I practiced TT on myself for burns from the oven and other bruises… Not too long after I had no pain and no traces of the burns on my skin.  ~ Sandra Miot

Notre Mission

Le Réseau du Toucher thérapeutique du Québec (RTTQ) est une organisation à but non lucratif dont la mission est de promouvoir le Toucher thérapeutique® selon la méthode de Dolores Krieger et Dora Kunz et de s’assurer que ses membres prodiguent, auprès du public, des traitements de qualité.

Nos Buts

Le RTTQ aspire à rendre le Toucher thérapeutique accessible aux personnes qui le désirent dans les hôpitaux, les centres de soins palliatifs, les centres d’hébergement et les résidences pour personnes âgées.

De plus, le RTTQ permet à ses membres de maintenir leurs compétences à l’aide de diverses formations, ateliers et groupes de pratique.

Notre Histoire

À la fin du XXe siècle, un petit groupe de précurseurs a réalisé la nécessité de créer une association distincte de celle de l’Ontario, ici, au Québec. Il faudra attendre les années 2000 pour que soit enregistré le Réseau du Toucher thérapeutique du Québec.

En 2005, le RTTQ joint les autres associations provinciales et participe au TTNC, le réseau pancanadien.

Depuis 2011 le Toucher thérapeutique est une marque déposée. Sa version anglaise Therapeutic Touch est un « trademark ».


Je remercie l’univers d’avoir un outil aussi pratique que le Toucher Thérapeutique dans ma vie! Vous l’emportez avec vous partout où vous allez!

Quand j’étais à l’hôpital en juillet 2020 pour 2 fractures de mon pied gauche (tibia et péroné), j’ai pratiqué le TT après l’opération. Cela a aidé à réduire de beaucoup la douleur et m’a aussi permis de réduire la prise des médicaments (analgésiques) qui m’ont été administrés.

A de nombreuses occasions, j’ai pratiqué le TT sur moi-même pour des brûlures du four et autres contusions. Peu de temps après, je n’avais aucune douleur et aucune trace de brûlure sur la peau. ~ Sandra Miot