The words THERAPEUTIC TOUCH have recently been registered as a trademark with the Government of Canada. A trademark is a form of intellectual property, and means that for those offering their services to the public, referring specifically to the words Therapeutic Touch; they must first receive permission from the trademark owner to use it.

This is a very important protection for the public, because it protects them from false practitioners, and it is also a protection for legitimate practitioners of TT anywhere in Canada.

The Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec has passed a resolution stating that consent to use the trademark will be given to anyone who is offering TT to the public if they:

a) are a member in good standing of one of the Networks within Canada, and

b) have completed the standards of training and practice to be a recognized practitioner of that Network, and

c) have committed to the ongoing programs of one of the Networks required to maintain standards of competence and practice, and

d) have signed the Code of Ethics or the equivalent with that Network.

For more information on the trademark, its use, how to write it or, if you become aware of someone whose services offered to the public refer to the words THERAPEUTIC TOUCH and whom you think may not satisfy the above qualifications when offering their services to the public, please email :