Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions and answers are extracted from “The Therapeutic Touch handbook” of Diane May. Our many thanks for her generosity. Visit her site at

Can Therapeutic Touch cure?

Therapeutic Touch does not replace the benefits of traditional medicine, but in some cases helps to reinforce the benefits of treatment. “Healing “is different from “curing. “ TT helps facilitate the client’s own healing.

Can we give a Therapeutic Touch treatment to cancer sufferers?

Certainly, Therapeutic Touch is available in some palliative care centers because it helps people with cancer to calm their fears, their pains and helps relieve symptoms due to medication.

How to choose a practitioner?

The TTNQ recommend that you choose a practitioner that is a member in good standing of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec.

What are the differences between Therapeutic touch and other modalities?

There are many types of energy work in addition to Therapeutic Touch ― Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Healing Touch, Spiritual healing ­― all are valuable and have positive aspects. Energy work is akin to learning to swim. You can do breaststroke, crawl, sidestroke and all will get you to the same place eventually. It’s the quality of the practitioner that makes the difference, not the modality. (Diane May Page 55)

Is Therapeutic Touch a religious base modality?

No, one of the major differences between ancient healing practices and Therapeutic Touch is that Therapeutic Touch is not taught from a religious base. (Diane May Page 9) It is non-denominational and does not promote one religion or another. Although practitioners may believe in one religion or another; therapeutic touch is taught more from scientific  view point.

Is Therapeutic Touch damageable?

No, in all research on  TT and all the years of experimentation, no wrong has been caused to a client. The worst that can happen is that you do not feel anything.  As long as the practitioner goes into the client’s field with “love and compassion’ no harm can be done.

What is the difference between Therapeutic Touch and Reiki?

Reiki espouses that the practitioner needs to have their hands attuned by a Reiki master in order to be able to do Reiki. Therapeutic Touch’s philosophy states that healing is a natural human potential and that anyone can learn how to do it.

In Reiki, the technique requires specific hand positions and symbols that are imaged by the practitioner during treatment. In Therapeutic Touch, the practitioner’s treatment is based on an assessment of the client’s field: so each treatment is different. Reiki tends to be more metaphysically based while Therapeutic Touch is based on science and research. (Diane May page 55)

Can I learn Therapeutic Touch from a book?

No, Therapeutic Touch should be learned from a “Recognized Teacher” to get the full benefit.  Teachers

Will give you their valued experience and knowledge to help you on your path to learning TT.  Learn from

A “recognized Teacher” affliated with your provincial network.  They will give you more than a book.