Jean-Marc Girard, a pilgrim of life

Jean-Marc Girard is the author of Voie Intégrale, a psycho-spiritual approach which is a compliation of his 40 years experience as therapist, teacher and author.

A powerful mystical experience woke him up at the young age of 21years old to unite him with all that is. His consciousness and his psychic perceptions were opened up to the “invisible world” accompanied with a great joy of being in the Presence of an essence of himself: of spirit, which is intimately connected to everything.

Since this transformation of consciousness, he workes with others to help them be more open and to develop this deep and intimate relationship with “self” and the “Higher Self”.

Through the ups and downs of his life, the challenge is always the same: how to integrate these “openings” of consciousness in our daily life, He invites us to explore our own interior path to answer the question: “Who am I?” “What is the meaning of life?”

• Author of la Voie Intégrale
• Psycho-spiritual therapist
• Founding member of SQPP
(Société Québécoise des Psychothérapeutes Professionnels)
• Massage therapist, co-founder and teacher with Guijek
• Teacher of therapists in “Relation d’Aide intégrale” for 25 years
• One of the pioneers teaching Therapeutic Touch in Québec
• 35 years experience in the field of Psycho-spirituality
• Artist, musician, author

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