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Acknowledgment: We thank Diane May for her great generosity. She allowed us to use some extracts from her book, and we did with enthusiasm. We highly recommend her two books published by Scibe Press.

Network Website in Canada

Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network
British Columbia Therapeutic Touch Network Society
Therapeutic Touch Network Alberta:
Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario:
Therapeutic Touch Network of Canada:

Other Therapeutic Touch Organizations Outside of Canada:

Dolores Krieger’s own website
Nurse Healers-Professional Associates International, Inc. This international organization, founded by Dr. Dolores Krieger, supports many healing modalities with a major focus on Therapeutic Touch™ and acts as a gathering place for information on this healing modality throughout the world.

Pumpkin Hollow Farm   In Upper State New York where students/practitioners/teachers gather to study Therapeutic Touch™ at various workshops and gatherings. Contact: for brochure.

Camp Indralaya   On Orcas Island, Washington, where students/practitioners/teachers gather to study Therapeutic Touch™ at various workshops and gatherings. Contact: for brochure.

Therapeutic Touch Arizona   The NH-PAI Arizona Network provides information on Therapeutic Touch activities in Arizona, and also is a link to NH-PAI.The network Keeps Therapeutic Touch practitioners updated on current activities, and interests, and provides a place to share their experiences and receive support.

Northwest Therapeutic Touch Institute  Non-profit institute for teaching Therapeutc Touch based in the Northwest United States.

Therapeutic Touch Professional Association  The Therapeutic Touch Professional Associates (TTPA) organization is a non-profit organization. TTPA is a satellite chapter of Therapeutic Touch International (TTI), Inc.  Their purpose is to enlarge and advance the knowledge and understanding of Therapeutic Touch in the Puget Sound region of the United States.

Therapeutic Touch Association of Australasia, Inc. The official website of the Therapeutic Touch Network serving Australasia.

Therapeutic Touch in the United Kingdom, please visit

Therapeutic Touch in the Germany, TT Netzwerk  or Therapeutic Touch Netzwerk Deutschland

Therapeutic Touch in the Netherlands and Belgium,

Positively Africa “We are small non-profit with a big mission. We muster all the energy, love and resources we can to help our brothers and sisters in Africa fight the devastating scourge of HIV/AIDS. We teach and practice Therapeutic touch where there are limited medical resources.”


Related Sites:

Canadian Holistic Nursing Association The objective of the Association is to further the development of holistic nursing practice in order to ensure that professional health maintenance and promotion services are made available to the people of Canada. Click on link to learn more.

Complementary Therapies Nurses Interest Group  The Complementary Therapies Nurses Interest Group (CTNIG) of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario supports, acts as a resource for and raises the profile of nurses who practice Complementary Therapies.

Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario  The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) is the professional association representing registered nurses in Ontario. RNAO interest groups, such as  the CTNIG (see above) represent a unique specialty or population within the nursing spectrum. Together they illustrate the remarkable diversity of the profession. They offer a range of professional resources and support, both personal and sometimes financial, through bursaries and awards.

Holistic Health Research Foundation of Canada Holistic Health Research Foundation of Canada (Holistic Health Research) is a national registered charitable organization dedicated to supporting multidisciplinary research, public awareness and professional education in complementary and alternative health care. The TTNO is an Associate Partner of this organization. The Holistic Health Research Foundation of Canada is dedicated to improving the health, wellness and quality of life of all Canadians, by advancing the scientific understanding of complementary and alternative therapies.

New Dimensions This fascinating organization has regular radio broadcasts throughout North America, a newsletter and a site which introduces you to some of the leading edge thinkers of our time. Each month two of their speakers can be downloaded on site and listened to without charge.

The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) This organization is bringing together leading researchers in the fields of subtle energy and medicine energy, consciousness and wellness with clinicians, healers and ‘ordinary people’ who are using subtle energies in their daily lives and want to further explore possibilities. They accept Therapeutic Touch™ as the physical manifestation of subtle energies.

The Institute of Noetic Science Noetic means “knowing”. Founded by Edgar Mitchell when he returned from his Apollo 14 Mission, this is an outstanding organization with 50,000 worldwide members and community groups in many North American cities. Members connect at the Noetic Café.

PasseportSanté is the largest French language web site dedicated to integrated medicine. Among its many sections, it presents a very large database of thousand of therapists, training centers, wellness centers, etc., a virtual clinic where one can get real answers to health problems by specialists, weekly news on scientific researches regarding integrative medicine and a resource guide of therapies with facts sheets, articles and links to the best specialised sites. It’s in this section that TTNO is listed under the «toucher thérapeutique» listing.Remerciement : Nous tenons à remercier Diane May pour sa grande générosité. Elle nous a permis d’utiliser certains extraits de son livre. Ce que nous avons fait avec enthousiasme. Nous vous recommandons chaudement ses deux livres aux éditions Scibe Press.

Sites des réseaux du Toucher thérapeutique au Canada

Le Réseau du Toucher Thérapeutique de l’Atlantique
British Columbia Therapeutic Touch Network Society
Therapeutic Touch Network Alberta:
Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario:
Therapeutic Touch Networks of Canada