Psycho-Energetic approaches

Psycho-energetic approaches integrated with Therapeutic Touch

 Approches psy-énerg

Psycho-energetic approaches integrated to Integral Counseling for personal and professional development


  • Understanding the theory and practice of advanced techniques of several energy approaches.
  • Developing awareness and understanding of the different fields and energy centers and their influence on our physiological and psychological functions.
  • Learning how to intervene in a helping relationship using a psycho-energetic approach.

For whom?

This training is designed to allow for those with some experience in energy work and for health professionals (massage therapists, psychotherapists, counselors, osteopaths, naturopaths, nurses, etc.) to develop and enrich their personal and professional lives, while deepening their knowledge and therapeutic skills.

Approaches and techniques

  • Therapeutic Touch, Polarity, Qi Gong, integral approaches,…
  • Energy awareness: development of our subtle perceptions
  • Pranic breathing, Kundalini Yoga postures and movements
  • Opening and balancing the chakras and other energy centers
  • Psycho-energetic work
  • Working with sound, Toning, music, percussions, …
  • Meditation, visualization, …


  • Experiential exercises of body awareness, centering, meditation, imagery, intuitive perceptions
  • Presentation of practical and theoretical approaches to energy work
  • Demonstration and practice of different techniques and their applications
  • Sharing of our learning process, feed back, questions
  • Co-coaching, learning partner
  • Case study
  • Learning the personal and professional applications of this approach and techniques.
  • Internships and supervision, possible options.

Leads to a training certificate, recognized by many professional massage associations and also by the Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec: 

Date: Saturday November 1, 2014 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Fees: $100 (taxes included) $80.00 (members TTNQ)

Location: Centre St-Pierre, 1212 Panet, Montréal

Jean Marc Girard

  • Author of the Integral Way, psycho-integral therapist
  • Trainer of Therapeutic Touch and Integral Counseling
  • 35 years of experience
  • Bilingual workshop

Visit the website for more information:

For information and registration contact: cheques payable to;  TTNQ and mail to:

Therapeutic Touch Network of Québec, P.O. 46054, Pointe Claire Québec, H9R 5R4

Or;  Register on Paypal by accessing website;


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