Andrée West Pioneer in Québec

TTNQ is proud and happy to welcome as member and recognized teacher, Andrée West, pioneer in Québec in the practise of Therapeutic Touch.

Passionate leader, wife, mother and grandmother, Andrée is a therapist,
teacher, conference speaker and, for 30 years a truth- seeker for energy
medicine. Andrée received her Bachelor of Science in nursing and Master’s in Adult education. She has taught Therapeutic touch for over 30 years and for 7 years has taught internationally, notably France, Belgium, and the French Antilles (Saint Martin).

Her thirst for knowledge for this great mystery led her to various domains dealing with health, community care, education, Shamanism, American Indian spirituality, Polarity, spiritual healing , etc….until she was initiated and taught by Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz. This permitted her to create a ‘bridge’ between conventional medicine and other holistic modalities.

Therapeutic Touch, was the ‘door’ towards the subtle and immeasurable
universe, a unified energy field. A field where every living being is present and interconnected.

Andrée is the author of the book Toucher Thérapeutique , Participer au processus naturel de guérison Montréal, Édition du Roseau 2001.
She is the co-founder and director of the center called « Les Sentiers de l’Aube » .

Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz opened the path: Andrée West has continued to advance on this path by deepening and widening the knowledge of Therapeutic Touch.

The arrival of Andrée West in the family of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Québec will enormously help the network in it’s mission:
To make known and spread the knowledge of TT in the province of Quebec.

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