Achieving TTNQ Recognized Practitioner Status

Here are the steps to achieve the TTNQ Recognized Practitioner status

1-     Complete “Basic Level 1- 2 – 3” with a TTNQ Recognized Teacher (for a total of minimum 36 hours of courses).

2-     Complete 36 additional hours of TT study. These may be a combination of:

Repeat of basic Levels    Practice group (2h)    Practice Day (7h)                               TTNQ Workshop (8h)    TT Convention (8h/day)    Advanced TT courses (8h)

Repeats of any of levels 1, 2 or 3 with someone other than your “Basic Level” teacher. One level may be taught by a teacher-in-training.  During completion of your workbook attend and participate in a minimum of 3 TTNQ practice group sessions (a good place to get supervised practices.)

3-     Practitioner workbook”: You may start to complete the workbook which includes 60 case studies.

4-     You need to be a member in good standing. This means you have signed the

Annual maintenance of your TTNQ Reconized Practioner Status

“Statement of Conduct and Ethic” and you have paid your yearly membership.

In order to maintain your RP status you are required to attend 1 TT event per year. These events may be a combination of the following:

Repeat of basic Levels     Practice group     Practice Day    TTNQ Workshop

TT Convention    TT Retreat    Advanced TT courses

All events organized by TTNQ and TTNO are accepted as TT events. You can find them listed in the “In Touch” magazine.

Any other TT event should get TTNQ board approval before being accepted by the Practitioner liaison as an accountable TT event.