Advantage and cost for our members

Anyone who has studied Therapeutic Touch, as developed by Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, and Dora Kunz, and who agrees to abide by the TTNQ Code of Ethics and Conduct, is invited to become a member of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec.

There are many wonderful reasons to enjoy membership in the TTNQ which offers:

  • A reduced rate for Workshop and Practice Day
  • Fellowship between TT practitioners
  • The meetings during practice groups
  • Encouragement from experienced practitioners
  • Share experiences with people as excited as you for the potential of TT
  • Opportunities to provide treatment to the public at fair and open house
  • A place for your personal Development for those who want to advance their talents as speakers, or writers, or organizers
  • Participate in the growth of alternative and holistic health care in the community
  • Standardization of the practice of Therapeutic Touch and its instruction
  • An accreditation process to achieve the Recognized Practitioner or Teacher status
  • A membership card for your wallet
  • Get informed of all the latest information on research on the TT
  • Get access to a professional insurance coverage
  • ** NEW – All Practitioners can now be listed on our website.  Your TT level, Name, Location, Telephone Number and Email Address.  Only with paid membership
  • The membership payable before January 1st of every year
  • $50.00 Practitioners – $60.00 Recognized Practitioners – $80.00 Recognized Teachers

To become a member you have to fill the membership Application, read and sign the Statement of Ethics and Conduct for the Practice of Therapeutic Touch