Board of Directors

Practitioner Liaison and Membership, Editor of TTNQ Newsletter ~ Website Maintenance ~ Karen Mosuk
Karen is a Sacred Wellness Practitioner and is also a Recognized Teacher of Therapeutic Touch, Usui HolyFire Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Lightarian Rays®. Throughout the last 40+ years she has completed numerous courses, workshops and retreats in the “alternative” healing modalities and has received a diploma from the “The Institute of Energetic Healing” in Montreal, as well as other diplomas in ThetaHealing, Access Consciousness, Spiritual Pyscotherapy, Light Language, Shamanic studies and more. She also facilitates workshops on Connecting with your Angels, Vision Boards to manifest your goals, Chakra Workshops, Empower your Inner Goddess and others. ~
Co-Chairperson – Leo Gregory
Leo Gregory is on the Board of Directors as Co-Chairperson.  He completed TT Recognized Practitioner in Oct 2018.  He previously served on the TT Board from 2013 to 2015 and was responsible for creating our TTNQ Website in 2012.  He is married to Monique Gregory and in his spare time he is following a creative water color painting class.  He practices TT everyday and believes that TT is greatly helping him with healing and support for his current health issue.
Please feel free to contact Leo for any questions or comments.
TTNC Rep. for Quebec / Administration – Cecilia Csima
Quebec representative for TTNC (Therapeutic Touch Network of Canada). Cecilia is an Interior decorator with a background in Fashion Design.  She was introduced to Therapeutic Touch in 2003 and finished all levels in 2004.  As a caregiver for years to her Mother who had dementia, Cecilia learned how to adapt TT to persons suffering from this devastating illness and became a Recognized practitioner of Therapeutic touch in 2012.  She currently volunteers in Hospitals, retirement homes and has a private clientele. 
Events Co-ordinator – Deborah Smith
Debra is a Therapeutic Touch Recognized Practitioner and Teacher.  She is also a  Massage Therapist (Swedish, Pre-natal and chair), Naturopath, Sound therapist and an intuitive card reader.  She started her Holistic studies at the NHC in the 90’s, and also has certificates in Past life regression and Aromatherapy. Coming in 2019 Debra will be a certified Kundalini teacher and a Crystal therapist.
Treasurer – Caroline Kirby
Caroline began her Therapeutic Touch Level One in June 2015 and acheived Therapeutic Touch Recognized Practitioner on June 15, 2019. Her highly gifted intuitive ability is an asset to the Therapeutic Touch Community. Her passion is intuitive card reading, working with crystals as well as clearing energy in peoples homes.  She loves to guide people to be in tune with their own healing energy by providing them with techniques to heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Secretary – Janice Barnes
Janice comes from a corporate background where she retired in as a Credit Manager for an international chemical firm.  She started her journey with Transcendental Meditation (TM), and attended workshops on various energy-healing modalities.  She has been a Therapeutic Touch practitioner since 2003.  Janice also practices: Healing Pathway, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Theta Healing, etc.  She has a private practice and volunteers treatments within her faith and social communities.  She also serves on several boards.  In her free time, besides enjoying her time with her husband, Larry, Janice likes to read and attend workshops to enhance her knowledge.  She enjoys watercolor/oil painting, cooking, sewing, etc.
Honorary Past President – Susan Hamilton
“Susan is now fully retired from the TTNQ Board of Directors since July 2019.  We wish Susan much happiness on her continued journey.”
One of the founding members of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec, Susan has spearheaded many initiatives in energy medicine.  Trained in Business (real estate), nursing and teaching, she uses these attributes to further The integration of mind/body healing with traditional medicine. She has practised The Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique for over 40 years.  Her background of TT, TM, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, acupuncture, has confirmed for her of the vast universal intelligence.  Presently her joys are walking her energetic dog, Blue and playing with her 4 grandchildren. 
Lina BioMember at Large – Lina Desjardins
Lina was introduced to Therapeutic Touch in 2014 and finished all levels in 2016. She is an Executive assistant at Transport Canada and has been an employee of the federal government for over 25 years. In 2014 she obtained a certificate in Phytotherapy with “Les Herbages Normex Limitée”. When working with clients, family or friends, both phytotherapy and therapeutic touch are modalities that complement each other in attaining better health and well-being.  A healthy lifestyle, camping and being connected to nature are some of the many pleasures that keep Lina energized and give her a positive outlook on life.
Member At Large – Irma Bubolic
Irma Bubolic is a Recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and since 2005 is a Recognized Teacher affiliated with Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec and Canada. She is the founder of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec and served as a member of the Board of Directors (1999—2013). She studied Therapeutic Touch with many teachers, including Dolores Krieger PhD, RN and Dora Van Gelder Kunz at the Pumpkin Hollow Farm in New York State. Irma facilitates a monthly Practice Group in NDG-Montreal. She provides sessions at her office and in the clients’ home. She teaches in Montreal and can facilitate workshops in other locations upon request.
Member At Large – Patricia Angotti
Patricia has been a Therapeutic Touch teacher since 2013. She initially trained at McGill in the field of education. She has been in the energy field since 2001, which began with Reiki and years later trained to become a Reiki Master. She continued her studies with various modalities such as chakra and crystal therapies, Native American healing traditions, psycho-spiritual and subtle energy studies and I.E.T. She was part of the board of The Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec from 2003- 2007 and is currently a Member at Large. She is a freelance writer and artist. She enjoys meditation and trained in Sudarshan kriya as per founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and has enjoyed yoga; from hatha, yin, gentle, restorative, and kundalini.

Member At Large – Patricia Jones
Patricia became a recognized TT practitioner in 2019 after completing level 3 in 2009 and attending many practice nights and workshops over the intervening years. She has also been practicing Healing Touch on a weekly basis for the past 16 years. Her background is in nursing, community health, education, and breastfeeding consultation. Although she is retired from these careers, she is proud and grateful to say that she still has the career of mother, grandmother, and spouse.
Pat Jones,  RN, BScN, MSc(A), IBCLC, RTT Practitioner, HP Practitioner (phase 4)

Member At Large – Celine Dufour
BIO will follow
 Member at Large – Nathalie Choo Foo            Nathalie is a Healing Energy Practitioner for Pets and People since November 2015.  She is a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, a Usui Reiki Master and an Integrated Energy Therapy Advanced Practitioner. She learned Therapeutic Touch in January 2016 under Susan Hamilton and completed all 3 levels by May 2016.  Having had major healing breakthroughs with her dog’s and her own health issues, her current mission is to help others thrive in their own healing and life journey.  She enjoys life with her hubby, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 3 lizards, and relishes in all of nature’s wonders. 
 Member at Large ~ Daina Bokor
Translator – Maxime Lapointe
Maxime Lapointe (B.A, LPN, SCC, HHP) is a licensed practical nurse, a special care counselor and a holistic health practitioner living in Laval. He has worked mostly in adult/pediatric palliative care as well as geriatrics. He’s currently working on his Therapeutic Touch Recognized Practitioner certification.