About us

Our mission

The Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to promote the practice and acceptance of the Kreiger-Kunz Therapeutic Touch® method and to assure the public of the quality of the treatment given by its members.

Our goals

The TTNQ aspires to give access and to promote public awareness of Therapeutic Touch in Hospitals, Palliative Care Centres, Hospices and Senior Residences.

In addition, members are given an opportunity to maintain their skills by providing training, workshops and practice groups.

Our history

During the end of the XXth century, a small group of devoted persons came to the conclusion that to promote TT in Quebec a separate entity should be created. Until then the TTNO was responsible for all. We will have to wait until the beginning of 2000 for the registration of the Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec.

In 2005, the TTNQ joined the others provincials association to participate in the Therapeutic Touch Network of Canada -TTNC.

Summer of 2011, Therapeutic Touch is a registered Trademark, so is the French version “Toucher thérapeutique”

Presently, the network concentrate in building the French side, getting into all the new communication network and try to reach more people in this big territory.